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Here I go again!! Look at this I walked around the SCHOOL and seen seven dog poos, as you can see I have taken a couple of pictures of them aren’t they DISGUSTING!!!

PLEASE PLEASE anyone reading this blog, give your opinion and PLEASE PLEASE if u have a dog clean it up afterwards as this is not a good look for our lovely area.


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I am not impressed with the dog fouling in the area, who is responsible for enforcing fines?I thought this was enforceable and could result in a £1000 fine. Time and time again I see the mess on the streets where our children are walking, on the pavements on the grass in parks etc:

Do these people that allow their dogs to foul in our beautiful area believe that this is o.k or are they just uneducated?do they not know that dog excrement can cause blindness in children?and if you happen to catch these people allowing their animals to do this, if you do say something or want to say anything you run the risk of foul language to yourself.

If anyone else is annoyed with this can you please blog in and tell us what you think.

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Join in the conversation….

Hi, Hillfields Coventry is a new blog for people living, working and learning in the area.  The contributors are all part of this group because they either want to share information about some of the good activities that are happening, or because they have a burning desire to make the area better, or just because they like to chat!!

If you are interested in being part of this blog contact us either by leaving a comment, through facebook on the better hillfields profile, or drop in at Watch in the Village Square on Fridays and ask for Shelley, Bernadette or Glenn.

Don’t worry if you are a complete beginner, there will always be someone to ask for help, and we are all learning together!

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Coventry Food Bank

You may not have thought it, but 60,000 people in Coventry are living on the edge of poverty. Four city centre churches came together in November last year with one idea. Two months later, food was being distributed to dozens of people across the city.Most people who come to foodbanks for emergency food are not homeless. They are families who have hit hard times; people who have been made redundant or are experiencing benefit delay; or they may be refugees or asylum seekers. They are the UK’s hidden hungry.

If you would like more information about Coventry Foodbank, about how to donate, or about how to access the service, please contact them on 
Telephone no.:         02476633500

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Rubbish and Flytipping

In Hillfields there seems to be a huge problem with flytipping, and with rubbish being dumped in the street rather than being disposed of responsibly.

The Council and local Housing Associations are starting an education campaign, but we know that it is sometimes difficult for poeple to report any concerns.

We are happy to forward any comments or photos through to Coventry City Council, and if you want to leave an address or contact details, you can inbox the betterhillfields facebook page

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Children in Need 18th November

Children in Need is on Friday the 18th November, we would like to know if anyone is doing anything in particular that they would like advertised either here or via the Better Hillfields Facebook.

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Get Online week at WATCH

Get down to WATCH now to visit Bernie and Roo for Get Online week. To learn the ways of the internet!

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