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Here I go again!! Look at this I walked around the SCHOOL and seen seven dog poos, as you can see I have taken a couple of pictures of them aren’t they DISGUSTING!!!

PLEASE PLEASE anyone reading this blog, give your opinion and PLEASE PLEASE if u have a dog clean it up afterwards as this is not a good look for our lovely area.


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I am not impressed with the dog fouling in the area, who is responsible for enforcing fines?I thought this was enforceable and could result in a £1000 fine. Time and time again I see the mess on the streets where our children are walking, on the pavements on the grass in parks etc:

Do these people that allow their dogs to foul in our beautiful area believe that this is o.k or are they just uneducated?do they not know that dog excrement can cause blindness in children?and if you happen to catch these people allowing their animals to do this, if you do say something or want to say anything you run the risk of foul language to yourself.

If anyone else is annoyed with this can you please blog in and tell us what you think.

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This may sound like a strange reason to get upset, but if there is no chocolate on your cappaccino, is it reasonable to complain?

Let me put this into (a bit of) context.  It was a cold morning, the start of a long day, I had slept in and was running late, no chance for my ‘first in the morning’ coffee, and so called in the local cafe on the way to work to pick up a take out fix of warm caffeine and chocolaty goodness.  I eagerly anticipated the first sip, sniffed the drink and was assailed by the delicious smell, and then was disappointed to find out that what I class as a major component of the drink, the chocolate sprinkly topping, was missing!

Now, for me, that topping is an essential part of a cappaccino, if it’s not there, aren’t you essentially just drinking a latte??

I did point this out, rather indignantly, and to their credit, the guys in the shop (part of a chain) have offered to look into the lack of sprinkles, however I could feel the eyes of the queue staring into the back of my head as I thanked them, and as a parting shot told them that their own poster advertising the drink showed a drink with sprinkles.

So, my dilemma, was I right to complain?  and would it be going too far to email their head office to complain?  or am I right to make a stand, and insist that if I order a caapaccino, then am I within my rights to demand chocolate sprinkles?  watch this space….


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